inflatable hot tubs for sale uk

Inflatable hot tubs are not just exclusive to the United States, in fact they can be found even in Canada and other countries. Most online shopping platforms even offer shipping to other countries for an additional cost, but for this article we will be talking about inflatable hot tubs that are sold in the UK.
Like in the United States, most inflatable hot tub brands are available in the UK, although a certain brand may be popular compared to others due to the preference of the customers.
Here is a list of inflatable hot tubs you’ll find in the UK, both can be found in physical and online stores around the United Kingdom.

Lay z spa parisLuxury NetSpa Inflatable Hot Tub: £29.99, taking a cue from its counterparts, this inflatable hot tub is capable of accommodating 4 persons in one sitting, this inflatable hot tub is also capable of holding 700 litres of water. It comes equipped with 110 air nozzles or bubble jets that’s sure to massage your tired bones and sore muscles after a tiring day of work, try it now.

BestWay Lay-Z Spa Paris: £459.95, a favorite among consumers, the BestWay Lay-Z Spa Paris is a must buy for anyone who wants to add a little flair in their own home or garden. The Lay-Z Spa Paris includes everything you need to get started with your own spa experience at home, this inflatable hot tub is much more larger compared to others as it can accommodate up to 6 people. The Lay-Z Spa Paris will be the perfect addition to your home especially during summer but wait, there’s more to the Lay-Z Spa Paris! This inflatable hot tub has LED lights that will surely brighten up your barbeque nights!

Lay-Z Spa Saint Tropez: £399.90, if you enjoyed the BestWay Lay-Z Spa Paris then you’ll also enjoy the Saint Tropez! Add an extra flair with some glitz and glamor on your barbeque nights during this summer, or simply use this inflatable hot tub to ease your tired and sore bones or joints. Compared to the BestWay Paris inflatable hot tub, the light of the Saint Tropez can be found in the center of the hot tub and even changes colors by simply configuring the digital control panel.

BestWay Lay-Z Palm Springs: £419.95, now for those who just want to keep it simple, BestWay also offers a simple hot tub without all the fancy lights, like most inflatable, this hot tub is easy to setup and store away especially if you want to take it with you on a roadtrip across the states or perhaps you simply want to store it away safely for next use.

MSpa Alpine Luxury: £349.95, now if you’re the type of person who prefers some alone time without all the extra fuss then this hot tub is for you! The MSpa Alpine is the perfect hot tub for anyone who’d like to soak their tired muscles and bones during the weekend while soaking up some sun and drinking beer.

Of course, these hot tubs are just samples of the hot tubs you’ll find in the UK, there are more brands of inflatable hot tubs available in the market in the UK and they’ll range anywhere from affordable to expensive.