Advanced technology in massage chairs

Inada massage chairHaving a long day of work standing and or sitting in front of the computer all day long or even in just walking around will eventually feel tired physically and even mentally exhausted and stressed that will trigger the pain on your body like for example on your neck, the moment you need a very good massage to relieve your tired body and mind, the best thing to do is to sit on a massage chair. We recommend sitting on a massage chair helps with pain and feel your body is being heal with different kind of massage or strokes coming from the massage chair. This way you can have your body full of energy again and will be ready for a heavy work for the day.

The Comfort Store is an authorized dealer for Panasonic and Interactive Health with the most advanced technology in massage chairs. Through the years we’ve tested and represented a number of massage chair lines. The manufacturer’s we have elected to represent produce the highest quality products and offer the best in customer service. A massage chair that is first advanced Robotic Massage Chair that use Automatic Optical Sensors to locate, detect and target the area or acupressure points along the spine on the back of your body. This system will emulates the latest techniques that was used for massage and chiropractic professionals and therapist for back and spinal care. This massage program is being customized to every individuals contoured shape providing the “ultimate personal massage.”

Lily Massage is a professional Massage Agency Based in Beijing offering Excellent Beijing Massages service including Office Ladies,models,Stars Etc. The Beijing Massage girls are healthy young pretty coming from all over the world. We are new style Outcall Beijing Massage service. This massage chairs is ready to give you a customized back, neck, leg, and foot and also your shoulder massage at the touch of a button. You have to feel it to believe it. The Interactive Health Stretching Massage Chair will give you a relaxed mind and body. Ergonomic headrest is also being performed during the massage session on with a rotating calf that was part of the chair and its foot massager. You can also try to customize each and every movement to your own preference and convenient on a massage chair.

These are things to get rid of stress by having a massage therapy.
To give you the impression of fatigue and stress not on your face, do some simple exercises:

Remove wrinkles: Use two fingers between the two pressure points close to the two roots. Press and lighten these two points and then slowly light up the eyes. This exercise helps relieve stress effectively and at the same time remove the wrinkles on the root of the nose.

Relax first: Use 6 fingers to find two points behind the head (located in the middle of the distance from the ear to the back of the head), then use two index fingers and between the two lightly massage this point regularly. This action helps you to prevent fatigue of the neck, the nape, the whole head and body.

Flick: Use the thumb and index finger to flick the highest point on the ear and then swing the side. The purpose of this action is to enhance the activity of the ear, circulation and relax the muscles of the face.

Prior to doing the exercises, relax in minutes.

– Breathe lightly and deeply.

Performs every move in 5-10 seconds, 4 times.

– Try to focus on the point of doing massage.

– After each movement, stop for about 10 seconds to breathe.

– Done this, you should rest about 10 minutes.

This could be a very valuable method in the treatment of joint diseases in general and neuropathy in particular, through the effect of heat, the pressure of water, can be combined with the tub. Swirling vortex is like a massage in the water to treat disorders caused by the disease and at the same time makes it easy for the patient to exercise the exercise that normally can not do.